Radio License Request

For years, the Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC) acted as the sole negotiating arm for 90% of the terrestrial radio stations across the country. The RMLC openly stated that its very purpose was to utilize the group’s colossal buying power to cap the cost of acquiring music. GMR is a new performance rights organization that represents the interests of a handful of highly-talented songwriters whose works drive listenership and increase advertising dollars for radio broadcasters. The RMLC tried to bully GMR -- but the tiny startup stood up and said no. The RMLC responded by suing GMR, accusing the new company with fewer than 100 songwriters of being a monopoly. As part of that lawsuit, the RMLC told GMR and its members that it did not negotiate the terms of licenses between RMLC members and the PROs and, going forward, GMR must approach each radio station owner directly and individually to make deals. GMR did so and we’ve entered hundreds of licenses with radio stations. Accordingly, radio station owners interested in securing the rights to perform works in GMR’s catalog should contact GMR using the form below to negotiate the terms of a license or the extension of an existing license. Due to pending litigation with the RMLC, however, we cannot negotiate or enter licenses with stations owned by companies headquartered or based in Pennsylvania.